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JUNE 19-22 2NINER Training in Texas for US Sailing Youth Champs, Corpus Christi, TX

JUNE 24-28 US Sailing Youth Champs, Corpus Christi, TX

JULY 6-9 Long Beach Training Camp

JULY 24-27 US 29er National Championships

JULY 29-AUGUST 5 29er World Championships, Long Beach, CA


Summer Event Details

Corpus Christi Training, Camp, Corpus Christi, TX

General Schedule:

Friday, May 26                                                   Arrival

Saturday, May 27-Monday, May 29               Training Days 1 – 3

Monday, May 29                                                Evening Departure

Important Information: This training camp is for sailors participating in the US Sailing Youth Champs. The purpose of this camp is so sailors can acclimate to the Corpus Christi venue weeks prior to the event. This is a low pressure Training Camp to familiarize athletes with the conditions (steep chop and heavy breeze) of the ISAF Qualifying venue prior to the hustle and bustle of the regatta in June.


US Sailing Youth Champs, Corpus Christi Yacht Club

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General Schedule

Monday, June 19                                              Arrival

Tuesday, June 20 – Friday, June 23              On- Water Training Days 1 – 4

Saturday, June 24                                            Off Day / Registration

Sunday, June 25 – Wednesday, June 28       Racing Days 1 – 4

Thursday, June 29                                            Departure

Important Information: US Sailing’s Selection Committee will choose regatta participants for this year’s event. This is a Grade 1 Event as defined in the US Sailing Coaching and Support Boat Policy, which means only coach’s with US Sailing Level 3 Certification are permitted to support athletes on-water during the event. For information on accommodations, email Elizabeth.


Long Beach Training Camp, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

General Schedule:

Wednesday, July 5                                          Arrival

Thursday, July 6                                             Training Day 1

Friday, July 7                                                   Training Day 2

Saturday, July 8                                               Training Day 3

Sunday, July 9                                                  Training Day 4

Important Information: This specific camp is a joint practice between regional programs under supervision from ODP US Coach Willie McBride and other US Sailing coaches to support the Squad leaders during this camp. There will be costs associated with participation, do not confuse for a traditional ODP Clinic. The purpose of these dates are for sailors to acclimate to the Long Beach “Worlds” venue (swell, breeze, current) prior to the hustle and bustle of the 29er Nationals later in July. This is an exclusive training camp, selected sailors only.


29er National Championships, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

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General Schedule:

Monday, July 24                                              Arrival

Tuesday, July 25                                              Registration, Training Day 1

Wednesday, July 26 – Friday, July 28          Racing Days 1-3

Important Information:  This regatta will be considered training for the 2017 29er World Championship. The focus of each day will be to place sailors in a competitive environment and racer’s mindset, while working through successful daily routines of event preparation. The World Championship will be a long and challenging event, these day’s of focused preparation are paramount.


29er World Championships, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

Link to Notice of Race

General Schedule:

Saturday, July 29                                             Measurement & Registration

Sunday, July 30                                                Opening Ceremonies & Competitor’s Meeting

Monday, July 31 – Saturday, August 5         Racing Days 1 – 6

Sunday, August 6                                             Departure

Important Information: All the hours driving, rigging, de-rigging, and practice will be tested. The world’s best 29er sailors will be on our turf. This event is a marathon, 6 days of racing in the swell and breeze of Long Beach. To properly support athletes arrangements will be made to keep coach:sailor ratios 1:8 (4 boats).



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