Coach Debriefs & Resources

Notes On Rigging & Set Up

Sailing Nutrition w Hannah Feinberg, Nutritionist at Sailing Performance Training


MidWinter’s East DeBrief

Warm Water Coach’s Clinic/Regatta DeBrief

FALL 2019

ODP REPORT 29er Dec pdf by Santiago ‘Tino’ Galan

ODP Racing Clinic Debrief Helena Scutt

ODP Debrief Phil Muller (click) “Keeping First Things First”


YWQ1 DeBrief 2019

Feb 10 DeBrief

FALL 2018

ODP DeBrief 2018 Miami Yacht Club, November 23-25

Winter / Spring 2018 Season

MWE 18 DeBrief Routine of Success

Feb 11 Winning the Transition & Strammer’s Top 10

Feb 3 n 4 18 The Slot and Moding | Mind the Gap & VMG

Jan 28 18: Choppy and Breezy | Moding & Wind Trends

Jan 22 18: Transitional Breeze | Controls & Techniques

HK Worlds Debrief: Trust the Process

2017 OB Fred: Win One Leg At A Time

Fall 2017 Season

Agnese Oct 18 : Light Air Tuning & Speed

Moffat DeBreif Nov 4-5: Regatta Preparation

Shaner Debreif Nov 17 : Downwind Considerations

November ODP DeBrief 17: Starting & DW Scanning

Summer2017 Report

Spring 2017

MidWinter’s East 17

Introducing our new tutorial project: “Skiff Academy.” This YouTube series will feature best practices in skiff technique, maneuvers, topics, and rigging. skiff a 4 We’ll also use this platform to upload content and footage from weekend practice and regattas, so athletes can learn by watching themselves and each other . Take the link to our YouTube page by clicking here.

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