Coach Debriefs & Resources

Notes On Rigging & Set Up

Sailing Nutrition w Hannah Feinberg


YWQ1 DeBrief 2019

Feb 10 DeBrief

FALL 2018

ODP DeBrief 2018 Miami Yacht Club, November 23-25

Winter / Spring 2018 Season

MWE 18 DeBrief Routine of Success

Feb 11 Winning the Transition & Strammer’s Top 10

Feb 3 n 4 18 The Slot and Moding | Mind the Gap & VMG

Jan 28 18: Choppy and Breezy | Moding & Wind Trends

Jan 22 18: Transitional Breeze | Controls & Techniques

HK Worlds Debrief: Trust the Process

2017 OB Fred: Win One Leg At A Time

Fall 2017 Season

Agnese Oct 18 : Light Air Tuning & Speed

Moffat DeBreif Nov 4-5: Regatta Preparation

Shaner Debreif Nov 17 : Downwind Considerations

November ODP DeBrief 17: Starting & DW Scanning

Summer2017 Report

Spring 2017

MidWinter’s East 17

Introducing our new tutorial project: “Skiff Academy.” This YouTube series will feature best practices in skiff technique, maneuvers, topics, and rigging. skiff a 4 We’ll also use this platform to upload content and footage from weekend practice and regattas, so athletes can learn by watching themselves and each other . Take the link to our YouTube page by clicking here.

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