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The 29er class respects the tradition and value for camaraderie and community that have been established by the 49er and 18ft skiff classes.

A rising tide will lift all boats and 29er class sailors, coaches, and families do the heavy lifting with open arms.

It’s true that our development is propelled forward from the competitive spirit and healthy rivalry of out of region/country competition. In balance, the 29er class advocates fleet learning, sharing, and joint training to bridge the styles and techniques of all sailors to better the national and continental level of our sport.

“There are no secret recipes in skiff sailing.”

Which means that on the race track it all comes down to athlete’s performance and execution.
Coaches and athletes from all regions work together on and off the water to develop the bonds and friendships of 29er sailors, share knowledge and information, and support the development of all athletes.
It’s not uncommon to see coaches from different squads working together coaching each other’s athletes from time to time.
To read more about the impact of the “Skiff Family” click our report on teamwork from the 2018 Youth Worlds.


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Fall & Spring Seasons

2NINER trains on weekend days (Saturday & Sunday) during the Fall & Spring at the US Sailing Center Miami. The flat water and consistent breeze of Biscayne Bay provides one of the best training  grounds in the world for skiff sailing. Link to this season’s training schedule.

Summer Season

We train at home in Miami the first few weeks of June and then hit the road for our training camp and regatta series of major US youth regattas and select international events during months of June, July and August.

Worlds to Worlds Annual Outlook

Fall 2018
September:  Train @ Home
October:  Train @ Home & WWS # 3 / EuroCup Finals
November: Regional Fall Event – Sunshine State & ODP Clinic
December: Race Around Key, WWS # 4
Open Orange Bowl
Spring 2019
January:  Train @ Home  & WWS # 1
February:  Mid’s East / EuroCup #1
March:  Spring Skiff Fest & Mid’s West
Apr:  WWS # 2
Summer 2019
May:  Miami Training & ODP # 1
Jun:  Miami & Cali Camps / EuroCup #5
Jul:  Training ODP # 2 | Nationals / Poland 7/13-20
Aug:  29er Worlds Gdynia, Poland 7/29 – Aug 3| 29er Nationals TBD



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