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2020 29er Development Skiff Clinic Series Announced!


We are committed to providing the best instruction and learning environment to introduce new sailors to the 29er. These focused skiff clinics will cover a series of topics to build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. Clinic weekends are once per month throughout the winter/spring season. Held at US Sailing Center Miami.


January 25-26 Upwind Boat Handling ~ Techniques in Movement, Sail Trim, Maneuvers

February 22-23 Downwind Boat Handling ~ Techniques in Movement, Spinnaker Work, and Gybing.

March 14-15 29er Tuning & Sail Set Up ~ Winning Set Ups for Top Performance

April 4-5 Boat Speed & VMG Clinic ~ Turning Power Into Speed

May 2-3 Tactical Race Clinic ~ Winning Tracks & Apparent Wind Racing


*Participation fees in 2NINER Clinics is $75/sailor/day. Sailors may sign up for all clinic dates above (10 days) for $650/sailor.


* call Phil at 954.257.9495 or philip@mullersailing.com for more information on these clinics.

Objectives of the Warm Water “Scrimmage” environment:

“To share notes and compare techniques.”
 As coaches, as sailors, as a country we must work together. Our vision is to bring athletes together to learn from each other and set a new precedent in youth sailing.
The 29er class has a culture of sharing and teamwork, so we invite athletes from our region and North America to Miami for our Warm Water Event Series. These combined clinics and regattas will focus on athlete’s learning and skill development.
We bring in All-Star staff to provide the best leadership and structure our days to focus on conversation, dialogue and practice before finishing with some racing.
Series standings from all events will culminate at the FINAL WWS#4 Pre-Orange Bowl to name the Warm Water Series Champion, the most consistent and dedicated team of the year. For more explanation of point system, click here.

Spring Skiff Fest Results |Warm Water Series # 1

Question: What ha SSF inspired you to do?
Participant Answer: “Focus on building my mental and physical strength and executing my dreams. It reminded me that nothing is really in your way when it comes to something you really want to do.”

Our vision was to bring athletes together to learn from each other. The 29er class has a culture of sharing and teamwork, so last weekend (Feb. 17-19) 25 athletes from North America shared their secret recipes.
SSF Fleet 2018
We had an amazing staff of coaches and presenters to guide the conversation on a variety of topics, from foiling to fitness, and inspect our sport at all angles. Thank you Chris Williford, Sarah Newberry, Fred Strammer, Luke Muller, and Jim Menzies.
This was the first of our Warm Water Series events for 2018, we focused on specific skills, drills, and finished the day with two races. Miami put up some amazing breeze on the third day.
I’m really proud of these athletes and the level their pushing themselves to.
SSF 1 scores


ssf start
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Event Info: Spring Skiff Fest | Warm Water Series # 1

2NINER will host Spring Skiff Fest February 17-19, 2018.
This seasonal scrimmage will be structured like the November ODP camp: half day clinic and end of day presentations with afternoon racing on Biscayne Bay.
Our goal is bring the skiff fleet together for intense training and open-source sharing of winning techniques.
A crew of top-notch coaches and presenters will engage participants in discussions to strengthen each athlete’s game. Join our local Miami squad, as well as sailors from Canada & New England to prepare for the Spring ISAF Qualifiers.

Learn to Skiff Clinics

These multi-day Clinics are designed for sailors with little to no experience in the 29er to learn the ins & outs of the skiff.

Training on-shore and on-water will include focused topics of movement, boat handling, apparent wind angles, & 29er rigging / tuning for all conditions. Clinics are meant to be fun, focused, and develop skills.

Sailors* can expect to arrive and be guided through proper rigging techniques and settings. On-shore discussion will encompass important steps and movement of skipper and crew, successful boat handling, and the nuances of apparent wind sailing.


JUNE 4-8             Learn to Skiff Clinic Session # 1, Miami

JUNE 11-15         Learn to Skiff Clinic Session # 2, Miami


JULY 5-9               Great Northern Skiff Camp Session #1, Bristol, Rhode Island

JULY 11-14         Great Northern Skiff Camp Session #2, Bristol, Rhode Island

JULY 16-19           Great Northern Skiff Camp Session #3, Bristol, Rhode Island

* call Phil at 954.257.9495 for more information on these summer clinics.

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