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Collecting Good Moments – ODP Write Up

I’m sure you’re up to date on all the exciting action that stirred up from the recent US Sailing Olympic Development Program Racing Clinic in Miami this past weekend. Scuttlebutt tallied the heads of “One hundred thirty-three youth sailors [who] participated in the 29er, International…

Squad Update

LAYING A FOUNDATION – We have been working hard. And that hard work is paying off! The 29er squad in Miami is gaining momentum and turning the heads of many sailors across the Bay and our region. Our core group of sailors has expanded…


_______________________________________________________________ That’s how this story begins. With thirteen sailors. Athletes who came together because the allure of the skiff. Thirteen with different backgrounds and success stories in other boat classes. A group that filled their summer with layovers, highway miles and hours at sea. Sailors who competed…

Our Goals

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In Pursuit of Excellence

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Try It Out Clinic Dates | Sign Up

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