Into the Airwaves – Berta Puig Interview


We’ve taken a few days off now that we’ve completed our #19 Days of Skiff vlog/blog series. The driving force behind the effort was to create a space for positive sailing news and inspirational articles to keep sailing on the forefront of our minds while quarantined.

In the past three weeks, we held Instagram Live Interviews with Nate Houseberg, Luke Muller, and Stephen Waldie; hosted guest writers Caroline Atwood, Willie McBride, and Helena Scutt; and we spotlighted US Sailing Team athletes  Nevin Snow, Anna Weis, and Dane Wilson.

Your favorite 5 posts from the series are:

How to use a Compass

Athlete Spotlight: Nevin Snow

New Perspective from Erika Reineke

Athlete Spotlight: Anna Weis

Helena Scutt’s High Performance Post-Its

From this experience, we want to scale back the output and continue to bring 3 stories per week to make sure the content is relevant and informative to you. As a capstone to this project, we’re releasing our first Podcast ever, and interview with 2019 Youth World Champion helm, Berta Puig. We caught up with Berta and were blown away by her insight and wisdom. As a 2019 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year nominee, it should be no surprise that young lady has advice to keep us all on the path to success.



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