Boat ramps are closed. Beaches are closed. Public parks. All non-essential business. How are we adapting to this temporary shift in public life?

Just like in sailboat racing, we need to be prepared for any condition or situation that comes our way. No one was ready for the global impact of the coronavirus. And there are very few things we can control right now, but what is within our control is our response to the situation.

Here’s what we at 2NINER are doing?

Daily Blogs

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We’ve committed to “19 Days of Skiff” where we bring you skiff, sailing, sport related content to keep you fired up and engaged during this time. It’s been a fun experiment and been the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our friends around the country and globe.

So far we’ve posted articles on:
Instagram Live with Canadian skiff coach Stephen Waldie
Next week, we’re releasing interviews with future Olympians Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shae (49erFX) and tips for youth sailors from the US Sailing Team Olympic Director, Meredith Brody.
Check in daily to our instagram link @2NINERSkiff for each day’s blog.

Reviewing Footage

Today (3/28/20) we launched our first team “Zoom” meeting. We held our typical 10am team meeting time for practice day and logged on to review some footage and reconnect.

I sent the athletes some film to review during the week, and also sent along an outline of questions to consider related to each clip. Then we debriefed. And the conversation explored topics of apparent wind, crew mechanics, steering techniques. And in a surprising and welcome improvisation, our athletes started sharing certain clips for us to watch together, which led to new discoveries.

Now we have a list of new objectives once we get back on the water.

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Getting Creative

Between body weight fitness exercises and running the same stretch of road in our neighborhood, we’ve been using the time to brainstorm about what’s next for 2NINER. If anyone is getting on the water, we want to know! Send us your footage and let’s talk about what you’re working on.

And be on the lookout for the our Break Out Event (likely in May) once we’re all lifted from quarantine. Final thought, what are you doing to take advantage of this time “off”?


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