19 Days of Blogging

We believe in the power of community.

Over the past four years 2NINER has been the glue that has brought together young athletes in the 29er from across the country and around the world with Olympic Campaigners, Pro Sailors, and industry leaders. Let’s stick together during this time of vigilance and care.

Our goal is to guide athletes toward excellence in the sport of sailing. We typically do this in a team setting, training on Biscayne Bay and competing around the world. In light of the many self quarantine and social distancing recommendations we are on hiatus and shifting our energy to meet you at home. 

2NINER Launches “19 days of Skiff”

We’re launching the 19 days of blogging where we share one piece daily on our blog and social media (Instagram) of skiff tips, tricks and stories. Who knows if 19 days will be enough? Or too much? Honestly, we’re taking things day by day.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and we’ll use this time off the water to study up so that once we’re all released back into our aquatic environment we can be smarter and more intent on what to focus on. 

Feel free to send your questions to our instagram dm @2NINERskiff and follow along at 2NINER.org. 

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