Pro Days


2NINER is proud to announce the addition of “Pro Days” to the Spring 2020 season calendar to enhance our athlete’s development through peer to peer learning.

The Shuffle

Here’s how it works: Veteran 29er athletes who have proven themselves on the world stage will partner with teammates and work in the boat to build skills.


Training Blocks

Our coaches have taken this season’s calendar, from January to April, and broken it into 4 week training blocks.  Each training block will focus on a theme that every skiff sailor confronts during competition. Topics like “communication,” “shift identification” and “playbooks” will be covered. At the end of each training block, athletes will be assessed. The goal here is twofold: a) create an environment for peer to peer learning, and b) track athlete development and skill acquisition throughout the season.

Pro Calendar

  Tech Toolstech tools

We’ve been investing and testing the best tech tools available in our sport in order to improve athlete learning and realizing the practical application of theoretical knowledge. In simpler terms, we use tools to identify best practices. In addition to peer to peer learning, we’ll be using tools like bluetooth headsets and GPS telemetry trackers to review practice footage and pinpoint the important moments to learn from.

As you can see on the calendar above, based on the theme of the day, we’ll use the Njord analytics player, TruSail telemetry system, or BB Talkin’ head set.

This Spring 2020 season we’re thrilled to provide the best learning environment for our athletes. “Kaizen” or constant improvement is our guiding principle at 2NINER and as a program we strive to lead by example. Looking forward to what’s ahead.

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