What’s the 29er All About?


What does it take to be a skiff sailor?

Accuracy, Precision, Balance, Coordination, Teamwork, Execution…. the list goes on.

Competitive skiff sailors are self-motivated, athletic, and smart. High performance sailing is all about the execution of complex tasks and split second decision making. 

Future of the Sport?

If you love sailing, then you’re in it for the long haul. The dynamics of the sport are evolving. Fast, apparent wind boats (49er, FX, Nacra17) are the secured boats selected for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. 29er sailing is the best platform to learn the dynamics of apparent wind racing. Not to mention, the fast action is fun and exhilarating. 

What about college sailing?

College coaches love the 29er because it sets a strong foundation of hard work, dedication, ability to work as a team, and passion in their recruits. College teams want recruits who are passionate about sailing, hardworking, self-starters and smart. 

As the country’s leading skiff program, 2NINER has worked with athletes and coaches on the high performance pathway who have flourished on the collegiate circuit. Here’s a look at where our skiff friends have graduated to: 


Berta Puig

Jacob Rosenburg

Ashton Borscherding

AnaClare Sole

Mimi ElKhazindar


Catherine B Lindsey

Cate Mollerus

Teddy Nicolosi


Lucy Wilmot


Sally Wilmot

Jana Laurendeau

Brooke Sachoy


Chris Williford

Duncan Williford


Severin Gramm

Nathan Housberg

Fred Strammer


Sam Merson

Talia Toland

Charlie Hibben


Marley Mais

Ryan Janov

Evan Aras 


Olivia DeOlazarra

Shane Reira


Kate Klempen

Aaron Tsuchitori


Paris Henken

Liza & Alie Toppa

Nic Muller


Ian Brill


There should be no doubt that high performance sailing emboldens youth athletes with the skills to succeed in the college arena. College teams want sailors who are passionate about the sport, committed to learning how to make slow boats go fast. We believe that the ever changing dynamics of sailboat racing require skills of awareness and precision developed in high performance boats. 

biscayne bay

But shouldn’t my junior sailor race college boats now?

  • The 29er is an extremely sensitive boat. Sailors who master boat handling and speed in the 29er develop “feel” and better tuning routines. Once they get to college, they will have layers of skills to make those slow boats go slightly faster. 


  • As a two person boat, athletes must learn to work together as a unit. Communication and teamwork skills are critical. Split second decision making demands efficiency of action. There’s no arguing, hemming and hawing. Athletes learn to work together and get the job done, or miss the opportunity.


  • Athletes can race as mixed pairs at any level of competition. Youth athletes can learn to work as female/male pairing, just like in college co-ed sailing. 



Our standards are to compete on the world stage, and we focus on fulfilling a  “culture of excellence” within our athletes. (What’s the road map to the 2020 Worlds look like?)


Learn To Skiff (LTS) Clinics ~ We pair new sailors in the 29er with fleet veterans and pros to accelerate the learning curve. Less time swimming and more time ripping. Learn steering and moding techniques, boat handling mechanics, apparent wind angles, and trapezing techniques. Check out our next Learn to Skiff Clinic in 2020.  Email philip@mullersailing.com 

Find a boat? 

We have charter boats available to new recruits for the first season while you’re starting out. We’ll work with you to find a partner and share our experience so your partnership can thrive. We have good, used boats available for sale in the area. 

Train with us. 

There’s no substitute for hard work, and we’ve got a complete training and schedule ahead for 2020. 

January- Learn to Skiff Clinic, Warm Water Clinic & Training

February- Training & MidWinter’s East Regatta

March – Training & MidWinter’s West Regatta

April- Training & Round the Key Race

May – Learn to Skiff & Nationals Training Camp

June – Youth Champs & Nationals 

July- Open Worlds team Training

August-UK Nationals & Open Worlds

September –  Learn to Skiff Clinic & Training

October – Training & ODP Speed Camp

November – Training & ODP Racing Camp

December- Training, Orange Bowl, Youth Worlds


How to get started?

Call/email me and let me know you received this email, and have a list of questions ready.

Let’s schedule your first day in the 29er!

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