29er Worlds Breakdown

“What’s the qualification system for 29er Worlds”? – None, the 29er Worlds is an open event.

You need to be ready. That’s all. Or not. The annual World Championship in the 29er Class is an open event. Anyone can register, if you’re 13 years or older you can go, without adequate preparation and get humbled. Such was the fate of our eager and fledgling team at the 2017 Worlds in the 2028 Olympic venue in Long Beach, California. 

And since that event, we’ve been devoted to pursuing World Class techniques and methods in order to compete on the world stage. Our 2NINER group spends countless hours on Biscayne Bay testing, training, and experimenting. 


The 2018 Worlds in Hong Kong, we took a smaller group of Team USA athletes. The experience was still humbling. But offered great perspective that we were on the right track. The eight team USA athletes placed 7, 12, 27, & 34 respectively. I witnessed the action on the water and realized that we were the fastest upwind boats in the world. Using it as a learning environment we doubled down on our efforts in the following months and focused on smarter strategies to improve decision making.  Read more about 2018 Hong Kong Worlds here


Hosting the 2018 Youth World Championship at home in Corpus Christi, Texas offered another significant opportunity to check in with the world’s best. Our boys climbed several places, and our local girls (Bella Casaretto & Berta Puig) took the silver medal position.  


For the run up to the 2019 Worlds we pushed harder. Bringing in experts and mentors like Willie McBride, Klaus Lange, Carlos Robles, Fernando Gwodz, and Mac Agnese we snuffed out our weaknesses and emboldened our strengths. The boat needs to be bombproof, so do we. At the beginning of the 2019 season I wrote an email to the parents setting our intention: I want us to become the best program in the world. 

We invested in technology. We out worked and out smarted our competition. 2019 has been a banner year. Our girls secured a Gold medal at the Youth World Championship & our boys Stephan Baker & Ripley Shelley won a Silver medal at the Open Worlds in Gdynia, Poland. These experiences and success of our athletes on the world stage are the proof of concept. 

BB YW 2019 Podium


How to Get Ready? – We have a plan to prepare with training camps at home to adequately prepare team USA for the Weymouth Worlds.

There are two kinds of preparation: adequate and inadequate. There’s no middle ground. And in my experience the possibility of a result is established far before regatta day. That’s why we’re getting ready now. Every day during training, I offer perspective on lessons we’ve learned at the worlds and push the athletes to follow proven, winning techniques. Check out our 2020 Calendar. 

Team USA Training for 2020 Weymouth Worlds

July 21-25 & 27- 31 ~ Team Training Camps, venue pending (released soon)

August 6 – 14 British Nationals, Weymouth, UK (preparatory regatta)

August 16-21 29er World Championships.


The US 29er class has begun preparing for the 2020 Worlds in Weymouth by securing 29er charters for team USA athletes, as well as coach boats, lodging, itinerary. To learn more about the details and logistics of this event. Contact philip@mullersailing.com. 

We are planning domestic training camps and European events prior to Worlds.

National Pride

The World Championships is a galvanizing event that solidifies every athlete, coach, parent’s personal pride of representing our United States. It is an amazing feeling to represent the stars and stripes in international waters. 

193 Optimist sailors at the 2019 Team Trials, and 5 qualified for the worlds. 9% of the fleet. Next year for the 2020 29er World Championships in Weymouth, England we want to fleet as many team USA athletes who want to represent our country. 

There are a lot of boxes to check and hours of training between now and then. But to me the path is clear. We’ve proven what works. And continue to work and discover what the winning methods of the future will be. If you want to start now, call me. 

gdynia team

“What’s the difference between the Open Worlds and the Youth Worlds?”

The Open Worlds are just that. Open to all. In 2020, scheduled for 16-21 August in Weymouth, England. 

The Youth World Championships is a select event, wherein one male, one female team from each nation compete in the Olympic youth classes: 29er, Nacra15, RS:X, Laser radial, and i420. Much like the Olympic Games, only one team represents each nation in each class. 

The Youth World team qualifies through the US Sailing Selection events, listed here. The 2020 Youth Worlds will be held in Salvador, Brazil in December. 


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