2NINER Athlete Signs to Stanford University

BB YW 2019

We’re proud to announce that Berta Puig has been accepted to Stanford University’s class of 2024. Berta has been a 2NINER athlete since the beginning and her commitment to excellence both on the water and in the classroom has been a steadfast, leading light among our squad. 

Stanford coach, Brian Swingly says, “We are so very thrilled to have Berta join us on The Farm. Her work-ethic and dedication to consistently learn will make her a quick study of the college game. We are looking forward to Berta helping us propel the program to new heights in the very near future. Congratulations to Berta on a well deserved admission to Stanford!”

Berta with her teammate Bella Casaretto won the Gold and Silver Medals at the Hemple Youth Sailing World Championships in 2019 and 2018, respectively. This season Berta’s been working hard in school while mentoring newer teams in the 29er and volunteering with Team Paradise. BB YW 2019 Podium

Berta joins 2NINER alumni Catherine “B” Lindsey (Yale University) and Severin Gramm (Brown University) by making it to the Ivy League. This trio is looking forward to spending some time in the Olympic 49er and FX this winter while on break. 

As the country’s leading skiff program, 2NINER has worked with athletes and coaches on the high performance pathway who have flourished on the collegiate circuit. Here’s a look at the broad reach of our skiff family: 


Berta Puig

Jacob Rosenburg

Ashton Borscherding

AnaClare Sole

Mimi El Khazindar



Catherine B Lindsey

Cate Mollerus

Teddy Nicolosi




Lucy Wilmot







Sally Wilmot

Jana Laurendeau

Brooke Sachoy





Chris Williford

Duncan Williford



Severin Gramm

Nathan Housberg

Fred Strammer


Sam Merson

Talia Toland

Charlie Hibben


Marley Mais

Ryan Janov

Evan Aras 

US Coast GuardCGA

Olivia DeOlazarra

Shane Reira


Hobart & William SmithHWS

Kate Klempen

Aaron Tsuchitori


College of CharlestonCOC

Paris Henken

Liza & Alie Toppa

Nic Muller

Naval AcademyNA

Ian Brill



There should be no doubt that high performance sailing emboldens youth athletes with the skills to succeed in the college arena. College teams want sailors who are passionate about the sport, committed to learning how to make slow boats go fast. We believe that the ever changing dynamics of sailboat racing require skills of awareness and precision developed in high performance boats. 

As an organization, we feel very fortunate to work with so many accomplished and high achieving athletes in the sport of sailing. Our goal is that our culture of excellence will lift everyone up. Next time you see any of these athletes, congratulate them on their accomplishments. 

Berta and Bella will be sailing the 49erFX in the Olympic Development Program’s first winter training camp of the season over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and I have a feeling she’ll be sporting her cardinal red. 

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