Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

growth mindset

Learning is hard work. Success is the result of sound execution. Sound execution comes from experience. Experience comes from failure. Failure is the first step in the learning process. Our philosophy of kaizen (constant improvement) helps shift athletes from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

What is a Fixed mindset?

  • Limits the range of skills; “I’m good at these things, but not these.”
  • Stuck in the past; “I usually bad at this.”
  • Committed to comfort zone; “I’ll stick to what I already know.”
  • Takes feedback as a personal attack, “I don’t like to be challenged.”
  • Result oriented

What is a Growth Mindset?

  • Dedicated to “What’s in my control.”
  • Future focused; “I am becoming better at X”
  • Coachable attitude; “I appreciate constructive feedback”
  • Willing to fail; “Let me try”
  • Process oriented; “I’m making small gains along the way”

Looking at the factors within our control and managing our time, energy, and focus wisely goes a long way. Here’s our list of “Simple Gains” you can take to improve your process.

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