Orange Bowl 2018

Introduction– OUR PEAK 2018 EVENT IS AHEAD: The Open Orange Bowl Regatta hosted by the Coconut Grove Sailing Club dated December 26-30, 2018. Winter in Miami always offers the best training and racing scenarios, which is sure to push the level. This year’s event will see top competition from many fleet veterans in the 29er returning to race with younger skippers.

Focus– OB will test your skills in regatta management with regards to equipment preparation, timeliness, and execution. As well as your skills as good teammates and competitors. We must step up the professionalism as we prepare for the 2019 Qualifiers.

Coaching– 2NINER Staff supporting athletes throughout the event will be Ian MacDiarmid, Fernando Gwozdz, Fred Moffat, and Phil Muller. Ratio 4 boats to 1 coach.

Ian MacDiarmid is a US 29er veteran (9th place at 2014 Worlds) and currently campaigning full time in the men’s 49er Class with Andrew Mollerus. He brings a wealth of technical experience.

Fernando Gwozdz has worked with top US 29er sailors (2013 Worlds, 2017 South Americans) in the past years and is currently campaigning in men’s 470 class for Argentina. He brings Olympic sailing professionalism.

Fred Moffat has been part of the 2NINER coaching staff from the beginning. He brings a tactical expertise, strategic knowledge of weather, and high level of engagement to our athletes.

Expectations – All athlete equipment is expected to be bulletproof by 11:15 am at CGSC on Wednesday, December 26th for the 2NINER meeting.  Athletes chartering boats are expected to bring their own trapeze systems, sheets, and control lines from home to customize charters.

Local teams with boats at USSC Miami will be helped with on-water boat / dolly transport at 9:30am on Wednesday morning to get equipment to CGSC (unless otherwise notified).

Daily Team Briefings– 2NINER Coaching Staff will hold 3 briefings daily: the first (1) general morning briefing is posted on the daily calendar will review daily weather forecast, strategy, and priorities; the second (2) brief will be done as a full team to debrief the day’s racing; the third (3) brief will be done in small groups (4 teams/1 coach) to discuss specific observations and topics throughout the day.


Wednesday, Dec 26 0830- Dark
Equipment Arrival & Staging
2NINER move from USSC to CGSC
2NINER Meeting at CGSC
1200 – 1500
On Water Practice
Regatta Prep & 1 Practice Race
Competitor Check In
Thursday, Dec 27 0800-1000 Breakfast & Prep
930 2NINER Meeting
Competitor’s Meeting
1030 Harbor Launch
First Warning i420s, 470s, 29ers
3 Races Scheduled
Friday, Dec 28 730-930 Breakfast
830 2NINER Meeting
930 Harbor Launch
First Warning i420s, 470s, 29ers
3 Races Scheduled
Approx Day’s End
Saturday, Dec 29 730-930 Breakfast
830 2NINER Meeting
930 Harbor Launch
First Warning i420s, 470s, 29ers
3 Races Scheduled
Approx Day’s End
Sunday, Dec 30 730-930 Breakfast
800 2NINER Meeting
900 Harbor Launch
First Warning i420s, 470s, 29ers
2 Races Scheduled
1330 No Signal After

Coaching Fees for this event are $500/sailor. $300/sailor for 2NINER Fall 2018 athletes. Athletes must submit 50% of the fee to secure their spot for the regatta, and complete payment on December 26th paid via check “Muller Sailing.” Online payments available upon inquiry with

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