Our Goals

Develop technically skilled, intelligent and athletic high-performance sailboat racers and prepare for international competition.

Introduce motivated youth sailors to skiff sailing and foster a positive environment for skill building, through clinics and “try-it-out” days.

Build interest in high-performance and skiff sailing classes throughout our region. And to lead by example encouraging the growth of the 29er class in the United States.


Saturdays and Sundays 10am-4pm at the US Sailing Center in Miami. Fall season runs September through December. For detailed schedule see calendar in banner.

This season we will focus on:
A) Apparent Wind Tactics & How They Differ From Dinghies
B) Building Winning Strategies Forecasting, Fleet Tendencies, & Playbook
C) Strength & Agility Training
D) Race Attitude Staying Focused When It Counts


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